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Here, you can explore some of the amazing user-generated content (UGC) production projects we've undertaken for clients across a wide range of industries.
Geo: Philippines

Task: Create a short video with an asian model for ladies to get interested in our dating app. The video starts like a common TikTok or reels and looks appealing
Geo: Thailand
Task: Create authentic UGC to introduce taxi app to Thai market.
Two approaches: for drivers/for riders
For Thai riders
For Thai drivers
Professional networking
Geo: USA

Task: Create an appealing image for networking app mentioning its key features
Geo: Philippines

Task: Create engaging UGC to promote a trading app. The video is made in traditional UGC style, highlighting the core features of the app
Wellness & weight loss
Geo: Thailand

Task: Introduce the app as a convenient and practical tool for everyone to keep track of health