TikTok Spark Ads campaign
Every video produced by us goes with a Spark Code - opportunity to create native advertisement on TikTok.
After you receive the codes together with final videos you are able to activate your TikTok Spark Ads partnership with creators.
In order to do so, follow these steps:

After logging into your TikTok Ads Manager dashboard, (1) click on the “Assets” tab and (2) select “Creative” from the four options at the left.

(3) Go to the "Spark Ad Posts" tab and

(4) press the "Request Authorization" button.
(5) Enter the code into the text bar, then press "Search". After the preview appears in the box below, (6) press "Confirm" to proceed.
Close the notification window. Once the pop-up is shut, the video should be visible in the list on the Spark Ads page.
Perfect! Now you are ready to start using the spark video in your campaign:

(7) Open "Campaign" tab on the bar above

(8) Click on "Create" new campaign
(9) Customise the Campaign and Ad group section according to the goals the ads are to reach.

(10) Turn the toggle “On” to use TikTok creator's account to deliver spark Ads

(11) Choose the account of the creator from the dropdown menu
(12) Scroll down to the "Add creative" section and click on "+TikTok post" button. Then select the video by clicking the box in the top right corner (if the box is green, it’s been selected). Then click “Confirm”.
Almost done! All what's left is just to choose the button for the CTA ("Text and Link" section), then add the URL that the view will be taken to from the ad, then click “Submit”.
Now your ad is posted from the creator's profile as a native advertisement and you can start creating an authentic and genuine connection with your audience!